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life litter. it’s ok. it’s biodegradable.

July 24, 2009

Ok, so just drop it.

Let it go.

Leave it!

Why is it so freakin’ hard to do that with so many things:  stress, pain, old ideas..the handful of M&Ms? Ok, with the M&Ms, I’m just kidding, why would you want to drop those? That’s crazy talk.

But seriously, I cant help but think of my little niece who used to pick up every toy in her hand until she almost fell over and could hardly walk.  Finally, she’d get to the point where she couldn’t pick up anymore unless she let something go. Once she realized this, it would come down to what was more important to her. (interesting…hmmmm)

I think as we get older we keep this ridiculous mentality. Even if we try not to.  Its like we see how much we can pick up throughout our lives before we get to that point of either falling over or being forced to let something go.

We all do it. Yes…you too. (I’m pointing my finger at you) 😛

I do yoga on a regular basis to learn how to and to remind me to let go: very effective. (so is beer 🙂 )

What I can’t figure out is: what is so hard about letting go?

I mean, really. Just do it already.  We need to let go to make room for new stuff in our lives.  I’m not just talking about stressful things but also about growth, new directions.

This could apply to design ideas too.  By letting go of preconceived notions and things that have been done in the past, we open up our minds to new fresh ideas and innovation.

Moving on from one place in our lives to another, changes, opportunities.  All require a release of obstructive past ideas, attachments in order to fully recognize them.

This year has been a year of change for me, mostly career-wise but in a way that my entire lifestyle is affected.  All in a good way. In a direction I’ve wanted to go in for a while.  Even though I know this, and am really looking forward to the future, I still find myself holding on.  Making stress when it doesn’t need to be there.  Am I afraid? No, not really.  Sentimental? Not in this case.  Uncertain, perhaps…

It’s funny, actually. When I really force myself to think about it, there’s not much to be stressed about.  But yet, I have to keep telling myself to let things go.

So yoga, beach and bay walks, an ice cold beer or margarita… all helpful tools that I would highly recommend.  You may have your own methods 🙂

What’s the purpose of this post? I dont remember, I let it go…hee hee.

No, I kid…so many people I’ve talked to lately are holding on to one thing or another, including myself. I thought it may be helpful, if not for you, for me, to write this little post as a reminder.

Let go.

Forget it.

Leave it behind…in the dust…on the corner…under the tree…out the window…get the picture?

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