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rubber rules….glue drools

December 4, 2008

dsc00724Dear Life:  I’m rubber, not glue – do what your gonna do…..

Ok, so that’s not how it goes and I’m definitely not a poet or lyricist…

Life is fickle.  It can be crazy yet wonderful, unpredictable yet better than you ever imagined, hurtful and scary yet give you moments of immense joy and comfort.

I have lead a very fortunate life.  I am blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends.  I have had the opportunity to attend wonderful schools, lived and studied in fabulous places…well, let’s not call South Bend a “fabulous” place, but you know what I mean.  (no offense people of South Bend I am sure it can be a lovely town–it’s just not for me)

Right now, we are living through a very unpredictable economic time.  It is scary. Many of us are out of work. Our daily news is filled with stories of company’s going under, begging for financial bailouts……

Yeah, I’m frightened but you know what?? I learned something very valuable about myself (thanks to one of Life’s more painful moments)…I’m rubber!  Yeah, that’s right!  No, you don’t have to be glue, unless you want to…You can be rubber too 🙂  

Here’s how I came to learn of my rubber super powers (no, there wasn’t an eclipse!)…I’ll try to keep it short.  True story…not very funny, but it’s what it is.

About 12 years ago (wow I’m getting old) I was living in LA, coming home from the gym, parallel parking my car a few streets from my apartment when I was suddenly car-jacked/kidnapped/robbed by two gang members- each had a gun to my head. Really, this is true.  I’m not making this crazy stuff up. Unfortunately, because I was parallel parked I couldn’t drive away.  They got in the car with me and shouted profanities at me while they drove me to an ATM to force me to get them cash…. To make a long story short.  I was VERY fortunate.  They left me alone in the car about an hour later….physically unharmed, $300 poorer, and quite shaken up as you can imagine.  

I can still remember how I felt while I was riding in that car.  I just kept thinking, wow, this is it.  There is really nothing I can do if it is truly time for my life to be over.  My invincible naiveté was erased in an instant. What I immediately realized is that as vibrant and virile as life can be, it can be gone in the blink of an eye.  Sounds grim I know.  But you see, it isn’t.  It is quite the opposite.  I survived. They didn’t even touch me.  The police said the chances of me walking away from that were extremely slim.    That was the first time in my life that I really felt out-of-control, and yet, in the end, I was fine.   And although I was quite in shock for a few months, with the support of my family and friends,  my life became even better than it was before.  Yes, of course I was and am much more cautious of my surroundings.  My invincible card has been used up, but I am fine.  I am better than fine; I am fortunate and stronger than I ever imagined.  

The realization of my good fortune propelled me live my life to it’s fullest:  to run my fastest marathon that spring, sign up for grad-school, move to New York to pursue my creative passion and the rest is history.  You see there was no reason to be afraid, if I could make it through that, everything else was easy.  

So when life gets “sticky” or changes course…and believe me, it’s happens all the time, I try to remember that I have these great rubber powers.  You see, we are ALL stronger than we think.  Many of you have probably faced challenges in life even greater than my little story above. 

I am writing this as a reminder: In these scary times, my rubber friends, remember what you’re made of and remember that some people may need some help realizing their own strength.  

Let’s all be rubber together! now there’s a slogan! hee hee 🙂  Now you see why I am not a public speaker.

On that note: please enjoy this catchy tune for your listening pleasure….

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